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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding our products, general tuning and Andante drums. We will continue to add to this section.

Question: Why do you have so many different practice pads?

Quite simply, "one size" doesn't fit all.

The Tom Brown "Select Tone" practice pad range offers three different textured playing surfaces to suit different needs.

The "Soft-Tone" model is used with most of our beginners as it's normally a bit easier to learn and practice rolls. It's also quieter and suits some people for practicing at home.

The "Original-Tone" model is medium in texture and is a good all-round pad that should suit most drummers. Not too soft and not too hard.

The "Crisp-Tone" model, we recommend for corps work as it is a bit harder in texture and is extremely clear in sound, so any roughness is picked out. It is also similar in feel to playing on a drum.

Question: Are the TG1 drumsticks a new model?

No. They are basically the old TG1, a previously discontinued blue label maple drumstick. The New TG1 Model is made by Andante and is now stamped with a black logo. The TG1 model now only comes with the Black Logo and writing. If offered this model with TG1 in blue writing. It is not our stick and is probably of inferior quality.

Question: What's the difference between a drum harness and a drum carrier?

Harnesses are normally a soft (leather or Nylon) material whilst carriers are normally constructed of a more rigid material.

Question: What makes the TG Drum Carriers more comfortable than other manufacturers models on the market?

The TG Drum Carrier was specifically designed for pipe band drummers. There are a few important things built into the design which makes our carrier less rigid than other makes. We've managed to get a happy medium between the sling and a carrier that you don't get from others.

Question: Are the TG Drum Carriers the ones with the polished aluminium finish?

No. Our TG Drum Carrier is manufactured exclusively for us by Andante Percussion in Northern Ireland. They all have a "chrome-scent" powder coat finish to them. If offered this product in any other finish. It is not our product and is probably of inferior quality. All out products are marked or labeled with the TG Logo.

Question: Will the TG Snare Carrier work with other makes of drums other than the Andante Reactor Snare Drum?

Yes. There is an adapter attachment available that is designed to fit on to both Pearl and Premier snare drums that will allow you to use the TG snare drum carrier's existing bracket. This can be purchased separately for existing carrier owners or purchased as a package with the carrier.