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Gordon winning World Solo Drumming in 2002

Sam Hodgen and Andante Percussion

TG Drumming are proud to be an agent for Andante Percussion in Northern Ireland. More than just agents both Tom and Gordon had an incredible friendship with Sam Hodgen built over many years before his death on 4th February 2009.

Sam Hodgen approached drum making in the way he approached most things in his life with perfectionism, intensity, resourcefulness, persistence - and vision.

The result of these qualities is evident in the end product that is produced at the factory in Rathfriland, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. This is where the world famous range of Andante percussion products are manufactured. The inspiration behind the development of the Andante range came from necessity - the mother of invention.

In the early 1980's Sam was promoted to the Pipe Major of Moneygore Pipe Band, and led the band to consistent success, taking prizes in competitions in N. Ireland and Scotland. At this time the Kevlar woven Top Head came on the market and it became obvious that the snare drums being used at the time were structurally inadequate - in fact the high tension required to give the necessary pitch with actually causing the drum to collapse.

Sam initially tries to remedy these problems by designing a steel reinforcing band which added some strength to the drum but had limited success. A look at the Drums available on the market at this time revealed that there was a need for a totally new concept in Snare Drums and the idea for the Andante Drum took hold. Sam, with his background in precision engineering and manufacturing technology coupled with the experience gained during the attempted modifications tot he existing drums originated the design which we know today and immediately recognise as the Andante Snare Drum.

The impact of this new product was immediate - Bands and Solo Players from all over the world soon heard about the revolutionary design and orders came flooding in. The company began to exhibit at the major competitions in Scotland notably the World Championships and orders from several of the best bands in the world were placed. It became obvious that the existing premises were not large enough and an expansion programme was initiated. A new custom designed and built factory was erected and new machinery commissioned. Sam the designed numerous machines, jigs and fixtures to aid and streamline the production processes. The product range was expanded to include Tenor and Bass Drums and the necessary tooling and machines set-up.

Sam's Vision over the last 22 years:-

1986 - 1995 the development of the New Snare drum, Bass and Tenor Ranges. Continued development of the Snare Drum.

1996 seen the launch of several new products. These include Drumsticks, and extended range of Bass Drums for Marching Bands and the development of the Andante Drumkit.

1997-1999 seen continuous development to the range of Andante products.

2000 was the development and manufacturing of the Reactor Snare Drum.

2002 was another year for expansion at Andante with the construction of a new building to house the development and manufacturing of the New Core-tec Head.

2003-2004 has seen more research with the Andante products, more advancement in the colour ranges and the manufacturing of the TG Drumming products.

2005-2008 seen the development of the 7" Snare Drum, the extended range of Tenor Drums. The purchase of equipment for the manufacture of the Andante range of Snare Drumsticks and the development of the custom range of Snare Drumsticks. The addition of Softcases to our case range, new practice pads and hand towels to our accessory range.

2009 Sam had started further development of the Andante range, this will continue to grow over the coming years. image